Nuestra Misión

Cuicacalli’s vitality, engagement, and longevity are built on the foundations of the social and cultural diversity of the Mission District neighborhood, and remains committed to giving voice and precedence to these marginalized communities. Cuicacalli believes that by teaching through the arts, students make meaning of their current realities, and can become informed decision makers and critical thinkers who ask critical questions. As a longstanding dance and music program and a member of the 24th Street (Calle 24) Latino Cultural District, Cuicacalli understands its responsibility for promoting acceptance and awareness, and actively seeking, teaching, and collaborating with artists, leaders, and audiences of underrepresented communities. Cuicacalli staff and guest artists are fiercely committed to inclusion, changes in systemic power, and intentional celebration of our community’s artistically rich composition.


Cuicacalli continues to provide exposure, awareness, and leadership for people of color, especially within Indigenous and Latinx cultures, relevant to the community we serve. While celebrating and staging art forms from these marginalized communities we instill pride, confidence, and purpose in our students. Using dance and music as a means to develop strength, flexibility, and perseverance, our students of color equate these traits to their personal lives by becoming leaders with strong voices within their families, schools, and our community. In essence, Cuicacalli students transfer these learned skills generation to generation, creating capable agents of change for the future.

Escuela de Danza

Cuicacalli (House of Culture) is a year-round youth dance program, based at Brava Theater in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District-the ​​unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the San Francisco Peninsula. Founded in 2008 by renowned international performer Jesus “Jacoh” Cortes, Cuicacalli is an international, cross-cultural, dance-arts educational institution, providing Indigenous, Ballet Folklórico, and Contemporary Dance programs.


Cuicacalli values its mission to serve the diverse community of San Francisco with dedication towards excellent instruction, performances, and community programs for intergenerational students, artists, teachers, and audiences of all backgrounds and continues to build relationships through dance while expanding and celebrating the cultural traditions of the Americas. 


Cuicacalli instills life skills such as self expression, confidence, discipline, focus, leadership, teamwork, and positive attitude in its teachings to create responsible agents of change and influential pillars in our community. The offering of versatile dance styles give students a well-rounded curriculum of body awareness, movement dynamics, strength, flexibility, spatial composition, and the appreciation for the vibrant cultural rhythms that are the pulse of the Mission District.

Cuicacalli strongly holds its values that all its participants are treated equally, respectfully, and with dignity. Cuicacalli does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or disability.


Contemporary Company

Cuicacalli Dance Company is a multi disciplinary dance company that fuses various styles into a unique story of their own.

Inspired by cultural traditions and their development to the modern days, Cuicacalli develops choreographies to revive traditions, social and environmental situations, or simply give a look to the daily life with an abstract motion.


By including dance styles such as Indigenious, Folkloric, Contemporary, Cuicacalli hopes to expose, sustain, and expand traditional and modern dancing with a new lens.