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Ages 13+

Welcome! Thank you for you interest in becoming a leader with Cuicacalli and giving back to your community. Program dates are: June 10-June 28, 2024. This summer we are offering the following:

  • Cuicacalli Counselor In Training Internship (Ages 13-14): You will complete 90 hours (or approximately 30 hours/week), receive community hours for high school/college applications, and develop skills in leadership and teamwork while working with lead counselors, teacher and directors.You are required to attend all hours.

  • Cuicacalli Lead Counselors (Ages 15-17) will be mentored by teachers, organize/lead games, participate in and support classes. You are required to attend all hours. 

  • Cuicacalli Lead Teachers (Ages 18+) will lead activities, warmups on their own and are selected by the directors. Hourly pay is offered for this position.

  • Questions can be directed to Jesus Cortes (

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